How To Use


 How To Use:

1) Shave the surface you're planning use the device on. (If you waxed please allow one day before using our device. Do not use on Tattoos or if you just went for tanning).


2) Plug in the power source and turn your device ON. (Press on the power button for 3 sec and the LCD screen will come to life).

Plug IN     

3) You can now choose between intensity level 1 to 8 or you can allow the device to detect the optimal intensity according to your skin type. (We to advise to start off with level 1 or 2 for your first treatment, then adjust accordingly). 


4) Please wear the safety glasses we provided before you start flashing.

5) Place the device directly flat against your skin, You can now click the flash button to emit a flash.


6) Do not flash the same area more than twice.

7) When your treatment is complete, press and hold the power button to switch off. 

Get Your Zesta skinZ IPL Device Now for a Silky Smooth Skin.

Recommended Regime:

Silky Smooth Skin In Only 8 Weeks.

1st - 2nd Week : 3 times a week

2nd - 3rd Week : Twice a week

4th - 8th week : Once a week

After the 8th week: Once a month or once every 2 months.

Of course the regime above is just a guideline. Different skin and hair types will require different regime, please adjust accordingly.


Happy Zesting..